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About Tyrus Design

Welcome to Tyrus Design. My Name is Chris. Nice to meet you.

Developing a self-made business has given me incredible insight into the hardships of the small business world.  I face challenges every day, so I know the financial difficulties small business owners face regularly.  Sometimes the vital creative areas get pushed to the rear because of costs.  This can be a fatal drain on a business and does not have to be!  

I have a passion for helping small businesses because they are the fiber of our country. I am extremely purposed in my desire to help small businesses flourish through high quality,  inexpensive but creative print and  web ad materials.  Not only are my designs effective, they are a representation of my company! Because of that,  I will work with you to give your business the visible message and impact you want to convey to the people you serve and I will not be satisfied until YOU are completely satisfied.

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