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What Do We Offer?

You have a need and we are ready to fulfill that need! At Tyrus Design , we offer three main services: branding, print design, and web and mobile design.


We are that one stop shop for all of your small business design needs. Not sure if we can do it? Let’s start talking and we can figure it out together!


We’ve got custom logos just waiting to be designed specifically for you. Brochures waiting to be picked up by your customers. Billboards equipped to catch the eye of someone driving by. And business cards ready to be handed out. These are just a few of the print design services we offer. Each of these will help you when promoting your small business and eventually reach the goals you set in place.


Looking for something more on the digital side? We can provide that too. We’ve got custom UI designs, web designs and social media designs. 


Knowing which stage your business is in will determine which Ohio graphic design services you will need. Maybe you’re in the beginning stages and you need a logo, business cards, and a website - we can do all of those. Maybe you need to promote an event or sale -- we’ve got that handled. What about if you’re new to social media and need some designs to spice up your online presence - we’ve got that covered!


We are in the business of helping small businesses. We understand that graphic design can be expensive; that is why we are here to create inexpensive but effective and creative designs. If, by any chance, you aren’t satisfied with our work, then we are not satisfied. We will work with you to figure out what isn’t working and what is. From there we will then recreate your dream design.


Interested yet? Let us know how we can help get your small business’s design needs met!

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A graphic design company who loves to help small business owners with all their graphic design needs.

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