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Let’s Talk Web and Mobile Design!

Web and mobile design has become increasingly popular and necessary in the past few decades. Just as necessary as the air you breathe. With people glued to their phones and computers more than ever, you’ll want your small business to be one of those things people see. And with our Ohio web and mobile design services, we can help with just that.


Facebook has been around for almost two decades and Instagram a little more than a decade. But since each of these social media platforms started, they have added sponsored ads and the market is even more demanding for creativity. Even your website needs to be appealing to the eye for someone to stay on it for longer than five seconds. 

But Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back!

We don’t want that to scare you because that’s where Tyrus Design comes in to help.  We can create beautiful custom web designs that are geared towards your specific brand. Since we live in the digital age, a website is a must in order for your business to flourish. It’s how people find out about your services, location, hours, products and so much more.


Not only can we create custom web designs, we can also create custom social media designs. Whether you’re new to social media or you’ve been connected since MySpace, we can still help you get the look you need. As a business, you will have a brand and your social media should be cohesive to that brand. Whether that’s your Twitter cover photo,  a Facebook sponsored ads, or Instagram graphics, we’ve got it covered.


Once you get your custom web and mobile graphics, you’ll be ready to show the world who you are and what your business can do.

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