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Hi. I'm Chris.

A graphic designer who loves to help small business owners.

Developing a self-made business has given me incredible insight into the hardships of the small business world. I face challenges every day, so I know the financial difficulties small business owners face regularly. Sometimes the vital creative areas get pushed to the rear because of costs. This can be a fatal drain on a business and does not have to be!

I have a passion for helping small businesses because they are the fiber of our country. I am extremely purposed in my desire to help small businesses flourish through high quality, inexpensive but creative print and web ad materials. Not only are my designs effective, they are a representation of my company!

Because of that, I will work with you to give your business the visible message and impact you want to convey to the people you serve and I will not be satisfied until YOU are completely satisfied.

I Love Helping Small Businesses. Let Me Help Yours.

Have you been wondering what your business needs to succeed? How about increasing traffic to your website? Or even spreading the news about your small business? Believe it not, graphic design may be able to help with each of those needs. 

At Tyrus Design, our goal as Ohio graphic designers is to help your small business flourish. We recognize that the creative aspect is a crucial element to success. Unfortunately, that can sometimes get put on the back burner. We don’t want that to happen!

Together, we can come up with designs to help your business. Whether you are print based or web based, or a little bit of both, we can help. We understand that each small business has a variety of needs which is why we have two main services that have different types of design options.

I am Here to Listen

We will talk in depth about your specific graphic design needs and how our different services will help you. Tyrus Design is committed to helping you, your business, and your success. Small businesses face all sorts of challenges, we would know, so don’t let graphic design become one of them. 

Now you know our passion is for small businesses, you know our services, and you know we are ready to figure out your needs. Are you ready to watch your small business thrive? Then let’s start talking!

What People Say About Us

Gina Orr

Fresh ORR Family Farms

I was nervous to work with a designer for many years to create our farm logo. I wasn't sure what I really wanted so I was afraid I would end up 'settling' on a logo I was not satisfied with because the process would go beyond our budget. To my surprise, that wasn't the case at all working with Chris. From our first conversation he made me feel comfortable and asked a lot of questions about our business. I couldn't believe the variety of logo idea's he presented in that first round of review! We discussed each one in detail, what I liked and didn't like and began to narrow them down. Chris was attentive and listened to my feedback and together with only a few rounds of revision, came up with a design I was thrilled with... and it was well below our budget! If you are a small business, Tyrus Design is who you want to work with! Chris is an amazing person and does incredible work!!

Kyle Timmis


I chose Tyrus Design because of the reputation of the owner Chris Johnson. He's extremely talented and gave my project the time it needed to be perfect. Chris is the best of the best when it comes to graphic/web design second to none. His work on my project impressed the corporate executives within my company. That is the quality you can look forward to with Chris. You cannot go wrong with Tyrus Design. This is a 5 star company!

Daniel Johnson

Audio Sauce

We came to Tyrus Design to design the look of our app as well as a logo that could translate what the app does into a single image. It was a big ask and he delivered. We love our logo and love the GI he made. We get compliments on both all of the time.

John McClain

Best Nest Rentals

10/10 would recommend! From websites, to logos, to entire rebranding, Tyrus Design will meet your all design needs! Comfortable, accomplished, and extremely competent as an artist, he receives client vision and feedback with an open mind, relentless in his efforts to deliver fresh, unique, and brilliant designs, only positively impacting the clients for whom he does work.

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What I Provide


Print design is a part of traditional marketing and yes it’s still relevant!


Web and mobile design has become increasingly popular and necessary in the past few decades. 


Logos, typefaces, and colors....let us help you find the elements that best represent your business.

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